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Kemp Technologies LoadMaster is the leading load balancer available on the market today. Affordable load balancers available as both virtual load balancers and hardware load balancers
Kemp Load Balancers feature:
  • Layer 4 and Layer 7 Load Balancing and Cookie Persistence
  • SSL Offload/SSL Acceleration
  • Application Acceleration: HTTP Caching, Compression & IPS Security
  • Full HTTP/2 support
  • WAF - Web Application Firewall
  • Global Server Load Balancing
  • Edge Security Pack
  • Application Health Checking
  • Adaptive (Server Resource) Load Balancing
  • Content Switching


LoadMaster LM-X3 Load Balancer


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LM-X3 Application Delivery Controller - The LoadMaster X3 offers an excellent entry point for growing organizations that need flexible connectivity and a fully featured ADC platform.
- 8 x 1Gbit Ethernet ports
- 3.4 Gbit Layer 4 throughput
- 1,700 SSL TPS (2K Keys)
- 8.6million concurrent Layer 4 connections

LoadMaster LM-X15 Load Balancer

CODE: LM-4000

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LM-X15 Application Delivery Controller - The LoadMaster X15 delivers unparalleled performance for organizations of all sizes with integrated hardware acceleration and support for up to 35 million concurrent connections

- Max Balancer L4 Throughput Up To 15.8Gbps
- Max Balancer L7 Throughput Up To 15Gbps
- 175,000 L7 (http) requests per second
- 262,500 L7 concurrent connections
- 35,000,000 L4 concurrent connections
- SSL Acceleration (2K Keys) up to 12,000 TPS