Cisco Meraki MX250-HW


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        10G SFP+ WAN interfaces for high-speed connectivity
        1G/10G fiber and copper interfaces for flexible LAN connectivity
        Stateful firewall throughput: 4 Gbps
        Redundant power supplies and fans
        Recommended maximum clients: 2,000

Cloud-based centralized management

        Managed centrally over the Web
        Classifies applications, users and devices
        Zero-touch, self-provisioning deployments

Networking and security

        Stateful firewall
        Auto VPN™ self-configuring site-to-site VPN
        Powerful SD-WAN capabilities
        Active Directory integration
        Identity-based policies
        Client VPN (IPsec)
        Smart link bonding

Traffic shaping and application management

        Layer 7 application visibility and traffic shaping
        Application prioritization
        Web caching
        Choose WAN uplink based on traffic type

Advanced security services1

        Content filtering
        Geo-based IP firewall
        Google SafeSearch and YouTube for Schools
        Intrusion detection & prevention (IDS/IPS)
        Advanced Malware Protection (AMP)
        Cisco Threat Grid1

        1 Requires Advanced Security License
        2 Requires additional licensing for Threat Grid Cloud

MX Family Datasheet

License Order:

LIC-MX250-ENT-1Y Cisco Meraki MX250, 1-year Enterprise License and Support
LIC-MX250-ENT-3Y Cisco Meraki MX250, 3-year Enterprise License and Support
LIC-MX250-ENT-5Y Cisco Meraki MX250, 5-year Enterprise License and Support
LIC-MX250-ENT-7Y Cisco Meraki MX250, 7-year Enterprise License and Support
LIC-MX250-SEC-1Y Cisco Meraki MX250, 1-year Advanced Security License and Support
LIC-MX250-SEC-3Y Cisco Meraki MX250, 3-year Advanced Security License and Support
LIC-MX250-SEC-5Y Cisco Meraki MX250, 5-year Advanced Security License and Support
LIC-MX250-SEC-7Y Cisco Meraki MX250, 7-year Advanced Security License and Support
LIC-MX250-SDW-1Y Cisco Meraki MX250, 1-year Secure SD-WAN Plus License and Support
LIC-MX250-SDW-3Y Cisco Meraki MX250, 3-year Secure SD-WAN Plus License and Support
LIC-MX250-SDW-5Y Cisco Meraki MX250, 5-year Secure SD-WAN Plus License and Support

LIC-MX250-SDW-7Y Cisco Meraki MX250, 7-year Secure SD-WAN Plus License and Support

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