CWDM & DWDM Transceivers

CWDM & DWDM Transceivers are used as a part of WDM optical network to provide high-capacity bandwidth. The CWDM/DWDM transceiver modules are designed to be compatible with existing technologies those already deployed in the field, interworking with SDH/SONET. Fiberstore supplies a complete series of CWDM/DWDM transceiver solutions for uncontrolled environment applications. The CWDM transceivers operate by using special CWDM channels (1270 to 1610 nm, in steps of 20 nm), while DWDM transceivers operate by using special DWDM channels (ITU grid C17 to C61). All the CWDM & DWDM transceivers support Digital Diagnostic Monitoring (DDM) function and are compliant with the MSA ensuring compatibility with a wide range of fiber optic networking equipment.

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