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Product Description:

The Juniper Networks® SSG140 Secure Services Gateway is a high-performance security platform for branch offices and small/medium sized standalone businesses that want to stop internal and external attacks, prevent unauthorized access, and achieve regulatory compliance. The SSG140 is a modular platform that delivers more than 350 Mbps of stateful firewall traffic and 100 Mbps of IPsec VPN traffic.
Protection against worms, viruses, trojans, spam, and emerging malware is delivered by proven unified threat management (UTM) security features that are backed by best-in-class partners. To address internal security requirements and facilitate regulatory compliance, the SSG140 supports an advanced set of network protection features such as security zones, virtual routers and VLANs that allow administrators to divide the network into distinct, secure domains, each with its own unique security policy. Policies protecting each security zone can include access control rules and inspection by any of the supported UTM security features.
Connectivity and Routing:
The SSG140 supports ten on-board interfaces (eight 10/100 plus two 10/100/1000) complemented by four I/O expansion slots that can house additional WAN interfaces (T1, E1, ISDN BRI S/T and Serial), making the SSG140 the most extensible security platform in its class. This broad array of I/O options coupled with WAN protocol and encapsulation support in its routing engine make the SSG140 a platform that can easily be deployed as a traditional branch office router or as a consolidated security and routing device to reduce CapEx and OpEx. Access Control
The SSG140 can act as an enforcement point in a Juniper Networks Unified Access Control (UAC) deployment with the simple addition of the
IC Series UAC appliance. The IC Series functions as a central policy management engine, interacting with the SSG140 to augment or replace the firewall-based access control with a solution that grants/denies access based on more granular criteria that include endpoint state and user identity, in order to accommodate the dramatic shifts in attack landscape
and user characteristics.
World Class Support:
From simple lab testing to major network implementations,
Juniper Networks Professional Services will collaborate with your team to identify goals, define the deployment process, create or validate the network design, and manage the deployment to its successful conclusion.
  • ScreenOS version tested : ScreenOS 6.2
  • Firewall Perf (Large Packets) : 350+ Mbps
  • Firewall Performance (IMIX)  : 300 Mbps
  • Firewall Packets Per Second : 100,000 PPS
  • 3DES+SHA-1 VPN Perf : 100 Mbps
  • Concurrent VPN Tunnels : 500
  • Max Concurrent Sessions : 48,000
  • New Sessions/Second : 8,000
  • Max Security Policies : 1,000
  • Max Security Zones : 40
  • Max Virtual Routers : 6
  • Max Virtual LANs : 100
  • Fixed I/O : 8x10/100, 2x10/100/1000
  • Physical Interface Module (PIM) Expansion Slots : 4

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