Cisco WIC-1ENET for Cisco 1700 Series


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Single-Port Ethernet WAN

Interface Card for
Cisco 1700 Series Routers

A Solution for Adding Broadband or Perimeter LAN Connectivity to Your Network

The Cisco Single-Port Ethernet WAN Interface Card (WIC-1ENET) offers customers using a Cisco 1700 series router the option of an additional Ethernet port for enabling broadband Internet access or deployment of a perimeter LAN or demilitarized zone (DMZ). Ideally suited for small and medium businesses and small branch offices, the Ethernet WIC offers a cost-effective method for expanding the capability of the Cisco 1700 series router.

The Cisco WIC-1ENET extends the capabilities of Cisco 1700 series access routers, providing additional Ethernet ports for network deployments. When installed in any WIC slot of the router, this one-port 10BaseT Ethernet WIC enables delivery of secure Internet connectivity using any broadband access device, including digital subscriber line (DSL) and cable modems. The integrated 10/100 Fast Ethernet port on the Cisco 1700 series router remains connected to an internal LAN, with the second Ethernet port provided by the WIC-1ENET can be connected to an external DSL or cable modem. (See Figure 2.)

Alternatively, the WIC-1ENET can be used for deployment of a separate DMZ on the perimeter of the network. A DMZ enables Internet users to access public servers, including Web and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) servers, while maintaining security for the company's private LAN. (See Figure 3.)

The Cisco 1700 series modular access routers with WIC-1ENET offers support for New World services, including virtual private networks (VPNs), voice over IP (VoIP), broadband, and combined voice and data networking. The addition of a WIC-1ENET offers a cost-effective alternative for implementing new broadband services, while preserving investment in existing equipment.

Figure 1 Single-Port Ethernet WAN Interface Card for the Cisco 1700 Series


WIC-1ENET Feature Summary

Provides one standards-based 10BaseT Ethernet network interface

Operates in half or full-duplex mode

Supports Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) over Ethernet (PPPoE)

Offers full management features for configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting

Includes LED indicators that provide status information

Table 1  Features and Benefits of the Single-Port Ethernet WAN Interface Card for Cisco 1700 Series

Dual Ethernet Capability

This capability allows companies to have their choice of connecting a broadband access device (such as DSL or cable modem) or adding a DMZ, while staying connected to trusted LAN.

This capability delivers new services using a single router, saving companies the cost of additional equipment.

PPPoE Support

This support enables the router to be authenticated on a service provider's network.

This support eliminates the need to install and maintain PPPoE client software on each desktop.

Onboard LEDs

Integrated LEDs indicate valid link status and duplex mode status.

An LED on the front panel of the router provides data transmission activity status of the WIC-1ENET port.

Comprehensive Management Tools

Easy-to-use management tools provide the ability to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot the WIC-1ENET, as well as integration with the full functionality of the Cisco 1700 series router management system.

Robust Cisco IOS®Operating System

This software provides support for a wide range of network protocols.

Cisco IOS Software features include intelligent packet forwarding, security, and network management capabilities.


Figure 2 Configuring a Cisco 1700 Series Router for Broadband Internet Access


Figure 3 Configuring a Cisco 1700 Series Router for a Perimeter LAN or DMZ


Product Number and Description



Product Number


One-port Ethernet WAN interface card


One-port Ethernet WAN interface card


Note: Up to two WIC-1ENET interface cards can be deployed in any of the Cisco 1700 Series Routers equipped with WIC slots.

Single-Port Ethernet WAN Interface Card Specifications

Network Interface

10BaseT Ethernet interface with one RJ-45 port

10-Mbps data transfer rate

Half or full-duplex data-transfer support

LED Indicators

Indicates valid link for proper operation

Full duplex indicates bidirectional data transfers

Uses the router front panel activity LED to provide data activity status

Connectors and Cables

Single RJ-45 connector

Ethernet cables must be purchased separately


Full integration with Cisco router management tools

Dimensions and Weight

Width: 3.1 in. (7.9 cm)

Height: 0.8 in. (2.1 cm)

Depth: 4.8 in. (12.2 cm)

Weight: .12 lb (54.4 g)

Regulatory Compliance, Safety, EMC, Network Homologation

When installed in a Cisco 1700 series router, the WIC-1ENET does not change the standards (Regulatory Compliance, Safety, EMC, Network Homologation) of the router itself. See data sheets for the Cisco 1700 series routers.


IEEE 802.3 Ethernet standards


Operating temperature: 0° to 40°C (32° to 104°F)

Nonoperating temperature: -20° to 65°C (-4° to 149°F)

Relative humidity: 10 to 85 percent noncondensing operating; 5 to 95 percent noncondensing, nonoperating

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