Cisco Blade Switch

Comprehensive Blade Server I/O Solutions
Cisco Blade Switches deliver blade server network services that extend from the blade server edge to clients at the network edge.
These purpose-built I/O solutions for Dell, FSC, HP, and IBM blade servers let you deploy a virtualized data center infrastructure. Among many other benefits, they can help you lower total cost of ownership as well as improve both end-user and IT productivity.
The Cisco Blade Switches family includes:
  • Cisco Catalyst Ethernet blade switches
  • Cisco MDS Fibre Channel blade switches
Advantages of Cisco Data Center Business Advantage solutions delivered through Cisco Blade Switches include:
Easy to operate and deploy
  • Virtual blade switch technology reduces the number of switches to manage
  • Management interface and troubleshooting tools are consistent with other Cisco Data Center Business Advantage products
  • Simplified SAN switch management and scalable Fibre Channel deployment with N_port virtualization (NPV)
  • Resilient LAN and SAN uplinks increase blade server and virtual machine availability
  • Virtual machine portability and live migration do not compromise security policies
  • Intelligent congestion management mechanisms optimize network bandwidth
  • Virtual blade switch technology lets you configure network topology based on application needs
  • Virtual machines stay connected to storage resources during live migration with Cisco FlexAttach
  • Scalable LAN and SAN bandwidth as business needs grow
  • Flexible options for configuration and management, such as a command-line interface and a GUI

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